Thursday, 6 January 2011

Navel Gazing

I recently wrote on one of my facebook updates, "I need to try and stop looking back and be the person I used to be, one that always looked ahead." while that is still true, I also believe that the key to the future lies in the past.

See, in order to get back to the person I was, I need to understand how and when I lost that person in the first place. Since it's January, I'm having a bit of a detox, a purge if you will. So for the most part these first blogs will be a look back over the character forming events of the last thirty-odd years.

Is it self-indulgent? yes. Do I care? No.

This blog isn't for other people really. If upon reading it, you relate to it or feel inspired by it, then great, but that - initially at least - is not its purpose. Being a single Dad, I don't get out much and my current situation is quite an insular and solitary one. Unfortunately that means I genuinely don't talk to a lot of people and when I do get the opportunity, they don't generally have a chance to get a word in edgeways.

So this blog is supposed to be a catharsis of sorts for me as well as being my own little voyage of rediscovery (good god that sounds pretentious). Its third purpose is to get me writing again, which will hopefully lead to more articles, scripts and opportunities that I'd given up on for a time.

It's not an ego trip, honestly. Nor is it an attention seeking exercise.

This will be no holds barred, particularly when talking about my past and my relationships with people. It's not for the squeamish, especially if you happen to be from my past and still have a place in my present. Just remember, my intention is not to offend, just to be frank and honest.

Let the navel gazing commence......

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